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26th Jul 2019

QUIZ: Can you guess the N64 game from the screenshot?

Full marks are within reach here.

Kyle Picknell

Full marks please, or a Yoshi gets taken out back and shot. In the head.

After the critically acclaimed Playstation Screenshot Quiz trilogy, they said I was done. They thought I was finished. Well, guess what haters? I am, actually, yeah. I am almost finished.

But before I go gently into that good night, I leave you this: the JOE N64 Screenshot Quiz, the only non-Playstation console I ever cared remotely about.

This is slightly easier than its Sony counterparts, so I’m hoping some of you do the unthinkable and get 20 out of 20. If you don’t, I mean what I’ve said up there. And Yoshi blood is really, really, stubborn to hose off my patio. So I’m rooting for you.

Let’s do this.