'Open-world Harry Potter RPG game footage' leaks online 1 year ago

'Open-world Harry Potter RPG game footage' leaks online

There are two things you shouldn't lie about in life: your height on Tinder and a new Harry Potter game

A rumour has emerged by a Reddit user, not so magically named, VapeThisBro, announcing that a Harry Potter RPG is in development. It's unknown whether it's legit yet but it looks pretty spectacular.

The camera footage of the game shows some impressive visuals, a bit of a fable vibe and of course all the lit-up wands your muggle hearts could desire.


A detailed description of the leaked footage reveals that the game will be set in the 19th Century Wizarding World where players will be a 5th-year student at Hogwarts.

Gamers will be working alongside Professor Elezar Fig on a journey through familiar and never seen before locations.

And if this is true, fans can expect to fully nerd-out by crafting potions, mastering new spells and discovering fantastical beasts.

But how could such a large secret be leaked? An owl? The whispers in the Forbidden Forrest? But no, it didn't even come from Hagrid's big mouth, it was a case of poor admin.

VapeThisBro told readers the truth after speculation that the development company allowed the recording: "Ahahahahahaha let me record? Nooooooo they did not let me record. I snuck a video. I have the video and the description of the game but that is it. BUT while they had everyone else sign NDAs [non-disclosure agreement] I guess I left before they remembered I needed to sign one too."

The thread has many users in agreement that nobody could possibly fake a trailer this good, with others stating it's simply too good to be true, like receiving a Nimbus 2000 at Christmas.

But for now, all gamers can do is wait.