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08th Oct 2018

Incredible fan remake of GoldenEye 007 perfectly updates the N64 classic

Wil Jones

The game has been remade on the Unreal Engine 4

GoldenEye 007 on the N64 was the greatest console shooter of all time. No, seriously, you can keep your Overwatch, Your Fortnite. All your CoDs. Your HaloGoldenEye was the GOAT, and always will be the GOAT.

Based on the Pierce Brosnan James Bond movie of the same name, the 1997 N64 game had a brilliant single player mode that followed the plot of the movie pretty closely.

But we all know it was the four-player deathmatch multiplayer that made it a masterpiece. So many hours spent focusing on your quarter of the screen, stalking your friends through the upper levels of the Stack, or hiding out in the toilets of the Facility.

It feels like every classic title from the late 1990s is getting a remaster at the moment, and GoldenEye 007 would seem like the perfect candidate for a re-release, with spruced up graphics and online play, or on the much rumoured N64 Classic. But sadly, it is unlikely to ever happen for rights reasons – developer Rare split from Nintendo to be acquired by Microsoft in 2002, and that 007 license does not come cheap either.

Still, that hasn’t stopped a group of fans from having a go. The GoldenEye 25 project aims to rebuild the game from scratch using the Unreal Engine 4.

They have just released video of the iconic Facility level, and it looks absolutely perfect.

Here’s what the original looked like, if somehow it isn’t burnt into your brain.

Ok, so there are no enemies in their yet, but those toilets are lovingly recreated.

Of course, GoldenEye 25 is completely unofficial and not endorsed by Nintendo or Eon.

The original game turned 21 years old this year. In an interview celebrating the anniversary, members of the development team admitted that playing as Oddjob in multiplayer definitely was cheating, due to his diminutive size.