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10th Aug 2020

This free PlayStation game is like Takeshi’s Castle and it’s incredibly addictive

If you haven't played Fall Guys yet, download it and thank me in about two months' time when you've managed to come off it

Reuben Pinder

If you haven’t played it yet, what are you waiting for?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has taken the gaming world by storm, receiving 20 million downloads on Steam in just five days. It’s so popular, the servers sometimes crash because its creators didn’t predict its astronomical rise.

It’s basically Takeshi’s Castle in gaming form, but instead of controlling a person you control an ambiguous blob with annoyingly poor balance.

There are different obstacle courses and the aim of the game is to survive for long enough or make it to the finish line in order to qualify for the next round.

It’s also free for PlayStation®Plus users this month, after which it will return to its £15.99.

So what are you waiting for? Download it now. But be warned, it is incredibly addictive. It’s the sort of game you will start playing at 10pm and then before you know it the sun will come up. Just a word of warning.

It’s worth noting that you are able to ‘grab’ your opponents on the game, and some absolute shithouses will wait by the finishing and stop you from crossing it. My heart goes out to this poor fucker.


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