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28th Jun 2019

Say hello to Fight Crab, the video game you never knew you needed

Wayne Farry

fight crab

Fighting games are a dime a dozen these days

From the classics like Smash BrosMortal Kombat and Street Fighter to more recent entries to the genre likes Injustice, things are pretty good for fans of fighting games in the year 2019.

Whether you want to fight with superheroes, ancient time travelling Gods or Italian plumbers, you are catered for. But there is one area that has been woefully neglected, at least until now.

That area is shellfish. When was the last time you saw a fighting game featuring a langoustine or a mussel? Never, that’s when.

It’s because of this massive blindspot that we are incredibly excited and equally confused about an upcoming game named Fight Crab.

The first trailer for the game was released in 2018, before news emerged that it had been delayed for a few months, which was a disappointment.

The release of a new trailer has, however, whetted our appetites for seafood yet again. This newest trailer shows the crustaceans fighting while holding knives, like the funny crabs we see online on the internet.

But that’s not all, we also have lightsabers, fans, drills, swords, and Mjölnir: Thor’s big fuck off hammer thing.

In a cool design feature, you can use the Joy-Con to control each claw on the Nintendo Switch version of the game, with the aim being to flip your opponent onto its crab back for a number of seconds. The more damage you inflict upon them, the easier it is to flip those fellas over.

Is it too much to say that this is the most exciting thing in the history of things? No. It is not.