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12th Jun 2018

Every game you need to be excited about from the Monday of E3 2018

Richie Driss

Dancing pandas, church and first-person rats. Here’s everything we witnessed on the Monday of E3

After Bethesda blazed every one of the trails with their showcase on Sunday night, it was the turn of Ubisoft to wow/bore us. So, naturally, they started with a dancing Panda to introduce Just Dance 2019….No, wait! Don’t close this page! Things definitely improve!

Assassins Creed: Odyssey

After the reboot last year with Origins, Assassins Creed is back, this time set in Greece and absolutely borrows a cue or several from the film 300 – no bad thing. This edition offers multiple dialogue trees to bolster the heavier emphasis on RPG, as well as far more character customisation options. Out on October 5th

The Division 2

In what must be the most Tom Clancy-thing ever, the trailer for the sequel to the 2016 multiplayer 3rd person shooter sets up the storyline of viruses, Washington DC and all the shit hitting all the fans. Released in March of 2019, what we do know for sure is that the first year of DLC will be entirely free. Just look out for those loot boxes instead.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

One of the biggest shocks of last year’s E3 was the prequel to the 2003 Playstation 2 game. While this trailer and footage didn’t reveal any gameplay, we did get a look at returning character Jade to keep fans on tenterhooks as well as an appearance from Joseph Gordon-Levitt to help crowd-source aspects of the game, from music to the poster. Suggesting the release date is a long way off.

Monday evening saw the highly anticipated Playstation showcase, with even Xbox going as far as to tweeting that they were grabbing some popcorn. Despite a fairly strange and slow start, things picked up incredibly quickly with gameplay footage of the following.

The Last of Us Part 2

Now, now, now, what have we here? A bunch of sweaty gaming journalists stood in a church of sorts staring at some pugs and a stage….For a while. Before FINALLY getting an eyeful of gameplay footage from one of the most eagerly anticipated games of the year. I could attempt to walk you through this wonderful, powerful display, or I could just shut up and let you watch these 11 minutes.

Ghost of Tsushima

As far as artistic style goes, this game sent shivers down my spine. Gorgeously artistic visuals gave way to hyper-violent combat in this third person action adventure set in a Samurai-themed 1274. Seriously, look at the fight amongst those red leaves!


The centre-piece for Playstation’s E3 2017 showcase debuted new footage of the open-world Spidey game. Due for release in September, you can absolutely tell – with posters the size of buildings dotted around the Los Angeles Convention Centre. “Arkham Asylum for Spiderman” is a one way to describe it – “Highly anticipated” would be an understatement.

Resident Evil 2

Probably the biggest shock of the Playstation Showcase came in a remake of the Playstation 1 classic, complete with trailer involving first person rat footage. And a hell of a lot of violence. Resident Evil 2 is, well, a game that this writer won’t be brave enough to play, judging by this pre-rendered but impressive cinematic trailer.

Death Stranding

Babies, test tubes, Norman Reedus and a courier simulator. Look, I’m just baffled by this game. But also extremely curious. Anything with Hideo Kojima’s name next to it is worth at least looking into….right? Anyway, answers on a post card as to just what the hell is going on here.