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11th Jun 2018

E3 hasn’t even started yet but gamers should already be very excited

The biggest event in the video gaming calendar has almost arrived

Richie Driss

The biggest event in the video gaming calendar has almost arrived

Gamers across the world will be well aware that the biggest week of the gaming calendar is about to commence. A week which debuts years of work and leaves fans across the globe counting the hours, minutes and seconds until the releases that will suck hours, minutes and seconds out of their lives.

Yup, it’s E3 in Los Angeles – or the Electronic Entertainment Expo as nobody now calls it. And although the event itself hasn’t even kicked off yet, the electronic big dogs are already flexing their muscles and treating us early.

Here’s what you need to know about so far:


Xbox showed that they are absolutely not going down without a fight in the war against Playstation, showcasing new versions of their two biggest and most iconic exclusives – Gears of War 5 and Halo: Infinite.

Halo sees the return of the Master Chief to centre stage and looks gorgeous, the whole trailer being powered by the all-new slip space in-game engine.

Gears of War 5 returns to its roots with a darker tone. In the trailer the central character, Kait Diaz, is haunted by visions and nightmares. From the brief in-game moments we see in the trailer, it certainly looks to be breaking the mould of the tried and trusted cover-based shooter series.

Also announced were Just Cause 4, Devil May Cry 5 and the new IP from the creators of The Witcher: Cyberpunk 2077, which this guy thinks will be ridiculously good.


The biggest shock about the Fifa 19 reveal was that the series has taken the one license that Pro Evolution Soccer had going for it: the Champions League.

The trailer shows the stuff we’ve come to expect from EA’s flagship sports game, but who cares? Let’s be honest, I could say the game is going to be exactly the same title as last year and we all still know we’d be buying it come September.

October the 19th sees the release of Battlefield 5, a return to World War 2 for the first time since the very original PC exclusive, Battlefield 1942. Possibly influenced by how good Call of Duty WW2 was, this trailer shows off cinematic and in-game gameplay.

In slightly more original gaming news, EA’s new IP Anthem is from the developers of Mass Effect and features exosuits, giant alien things, and an incredible setting. See for yourself when EA took a “deep dive” into the game:


A company that has been ranked top in Metacritics 8th Annual Game Publisher rankings should not be taken lightly – especially with the showcase they put on. Many fans have already declared E3 over before it has begun, thanks to the Maryland based company, who, as well as as making their own games, has also procured some of its rival developer’s.

While we already knew that Id Software were involved in development on Rage 2, thanks in no part to Wal-Mart leaking the pre-orders list,  but it was the return of the great granddaddy of first person shooters Doom: Eternal that took absolutely everyone by surprise.

Any fans of Doom 2: Hell on Earth reading? Well, put this in your pipe and smoke it:

Fallout 76  was the most sought after game at the Bethesda showcase and we now have some major details.

Firstly, it’s going to be consistently online, which means humans can dive in and out of your match. We also now know it’s set in West Virginia and going to be four times bigger than Fallout 4. It’s also set before any and every other Fallout game.

It’s out on November 14th this year and we know you can’t wait.

On top of all that, Elder Scrolls 6 was also announced to much whooping and hollering from the audience, naturally.

So all-in-all, with the showcase not even having started yet and massive triple-A titles penciled in to be showcased, such as Call of Duty Black Ops 4, as well as Sony looking to one-up Xbox and give us more on The Last of Us 2, it’s time to write that Christmas list.