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07th Dec 2018

The Crash Team Racing remaster we have been waiting for is here

Kyle Picknell

Better than Mario Kart, don’t @ me

(Please do @ me)

Hold your loved ones close; the greatest kart game of all time is being remastered.

That’s right folks, the iconic Crash Team Racing from the PlayStation 1 era is coming back in the form of Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, a gorgeous remastering of the original we hold so dear.

All the same modes, characters, tracks and weapons are here, shimmering in the HD moonlight, along with a new online mode that means you can take your pals to school on Papu’s Pyramid, Cortex Castle, or even, if you really are a CTR connoisseur, Hot Air Skyway, the track that truly does separate the Tiny the Tigers from the Pura the tiger cubs.

A statement on the official Crash Bandicoot website reads:

“Crash is back in the driver’s seat! Get ready to go fur-throttle with Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. It’s the authentic CTR experience plus a whole lot more, now fully-remastered and revved up to the max:

  • Start your engines with the original game modes, characters, tracks, power-ups, weapons and controls
  • Power slide to glory in additional karts and tracks from beyond the original game
  • Race online with friends and Crash the competition with online leaderboards.”

It’ll be coming to your mate’s PlayStation 4 so you don’t have to actually buy it yourself on June 21 next year, but, BUT, it appears that unlike the game’s predecessor, Nitro-Fueled won’t be limited to Sony’s flagship console as there are options to preorder both on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

In the words of Leonard Cohen: Halle-fucking-lujah.

And if this has whetted your appetite for some more CTR context until the game comes out, please do read JOE’s resident psychologist Ciara Knight’s breakdown of what your Crash Team Racing character choice says about you.

Does she go in on me for choosing Dingodile, exclusively, every single race, several thousand of them, for the last 19 years of my life?

Yes, yes she does.

Will I continue to play as, and only as, the mutant Aussie Croc-dingo with a flamethrower strapped to his back and a blatant disregard for such racing fundamentals as “braking” and “steering”?

Until my bones turn to dust, pal.