Roy Keane says he doesn't like players who smile 1 year ago

Roy Keane says he doesn't like players who smile

"I never liked players who smiled on the pitch, you are there to win, remember."

Speaking on Sky Sports with Micah Richards, Roy Keane expressed his disdain for players who smile on the pitch. We think he was joking though Maybe. A bit.


Richards was proclaiming how much he loved playing football in general, and what an honour it was to get to do it at the highest level.

Speaking about Newcastle ahead of their match with West Brom, Micah Richards said the players just need to "go out there and enjoy it."

"I always love players when they are playing football with a smile on their face," he continued. "A lot of players now look like they've got the world on their shoulders."


"I regret the day I didn't smile every time I was on the pitch because it is such an unbelievable..."

At this point, Richards trailed off, as he could tell Roy Keane was having none of it.

"I never liked players who smiled on the pitch," joked the Manchester United legend. "You are there to win remember."

"You can win, but you can have a smile on your face?" Richards then suggested.


"No, not for me," replied Keane.

"Football isn't fun, Roy?" chipped in presenter Kelly Cates. "Football is a place of work."


It seems like Micah Richards and Roy Keane were having fun together ahead of the Manchester derby, with Richards also posting this clip on them behind the scenes.