The teenager swapping maple syrup for football scarves from around the world 9 months ago

The teenager swapping maple syrup for football scarves from around the world

'I'll send you a scarf of the most hated team in Germany'

Have you been missed going to football matches over the last year?


Canadian teenage football fan Daniel Robertson certainly has. But in an attempt to do something productive and fun during the pandemic, he has spent the last 6 months trading football scarves from all over the world in exchange for some traditional Canadian maple syrup – all via Reddit.

Daniel put a message on Reddit asking fans to send him football scarves of their local team - and if they did, he'd send them a jar of maple syrup as a thank you.

So far, he has received over 125 scarves, from over 60 countries.

We spoke to Daniel to hear his story, and take a look at his collection.


"So it was just one day, I was just hanging out with some friends and we were just talking about how much we missed going to the games," explained Daniel. "because obviously with the pandemic, fans weren't allowed in the stadiums."

"And then it got us watching other videos, from other teams. And I was like, wow, that's kind of cool, that no matter the country or no matter the club, everybody has football scarves. That's just one unique aspect that all clubs have."

"So that's definitely when I noticed. And I was like, well maybe I could do some type of project where I can collect a bunch of football scarves from all over the world, and get that football feeling that I was missing in my life."

And if you want to swap a football scarf for some maple syrup, you can check out Daniel's Reddit post and get in touch.