German FA to hand out 10,000 rainbow flags to fans at Hungary game 4 months ago

German FA to hand out 10,000 rainbow flags to fans at Hungary game

Brilliant to see.

The German FA have announced that they will hand out 10,000 rainbow flags to fans at the Germany vs Hungary game on Wednesday evening.


It comes after UEFA did not allow Munich authorities to light up the Allianz Arena in rainbow colours during the Group F match which is being played at the stadium.

The gesture of lighting up the outside of the ground had been suggested in protest against the anti-LGBT laws that have just been passed in Hungary, banning LGBT+ content from schools and children's TV channels.

The news of flags being handed out to fans at the ground will add to the already strong message that German football is looking to send to European football's governing body.

A number of clubs from the Bundesliga, German football's top division, have said they will be lighting up their stadiums in rainbow colours during the match between Germany and Hungary.


UEFA ruled against the gesture at the Allianz Arena, arguing that it was too political because it was a "message aiming at a decision taken by Hungarian national parliament."

The mayor of Munich, Dieter Reiter, had wanted the stadium illuminated in rainbow colours to "send a visible sign of solidarity" with Hungary’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community after its right-wing government passed a law banning any educational programmes or material mentioning homosexuality.

UEFA have received widespread condemnation for the pathetic decision to block the gesture.