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07th Feb 2018

You can now make a ‘Grand Monster Mac’ at McDonald’s

This looks delicious.

Wil Jones

McDonald’s ‘secret menu’ is the stuff of urban legend.

A supposed clandestine selection of creations that aren’t listed, but staff will supposedly make for you on the DL.

Officially, the secret menu does not exist, but hasn’t stopped hardcore Maccy D’s fans compiling lists of their favourite concoctions. And king of the off-piste burgers is the notorious Monster Mac – a Big Mac with eight beef patties instead of the regular two.

Earlier this week, McDonald’s announced the limited edition Grand Big Mac – essentially a giant version of the iconic burger, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the regular Big Mac.

So we thought – why not go one further and make a Grand Monster Mac?

To make the Monster Grand Mac, you will need four Grand Big Macs.

Take one of the Big Macs, and separate the bottom part of the bun, along with the bottom beef patty.

Now remove three patties from the remaining burgers, and place them on the base patty. Then place the middle piece of bread and remaining patty on top, followed by the rest of the patties from the other burgers.

Then simply place the top bun back on, and the masterpiece is complete.

Just look at it.

Here it is next to a regular Big Mac, for scale.

Here it is next to an iPhone.

And here it is next to an Xbox controller.