Would you like Tom Hiddleston's recipe for Bolognese? No? Shut up, here it is anyway 5 years ago

Would you like Tom Hiddleston's recipe for Bolognese? No? Shut up, here it is anyway

Oh, so you do want Tom Hiddleston's recipe for Bolognese, then? Good, because it sounds delicious.

Recently Tom was interviewed for GQ magazine - and a thoroughly excellent interview it is too - in which he serves the Taffy Akner, the interviewer, some of his very own Hiddlenese, a term which will almost definitely catch on.


The interview veers dramatically from savage sarcasm to endearing earnestness, so it's had to tell whether Akner really enjoyed the Bolognese, but that's not the point.

The point is, how often do you get access to a celebrity Bolognese recipe? "Not very fucking often," the mob roars back. Allow me then, mob, to placate you with the holiest of holy scrolls.

Tom Hiddleston's Bolognese recipe.






Big, generous knob of butter

A little bacon





Tin of tomatoes

Bit of red wine

Bit of milk


Healthy garnish (?)



1. Stir it a bit

2. Throw it in the oven*

3. Kind of braise everything

4. Kind of boil off some of the tomato juice

5. Boil off some of the alcohol in the wine

6. Once it's all sort of stewing, stick it in the oven at about 180°


*We think he meant 'put it on the hob', here.


Bolognese is one of those meals that you should just know how to cook. The ingredients are affordable, the method is simple, and the taste - mwah - c'est fantastique! Si vous le faites correctement.

Here's a shocking piece of information though: he didn't serve it with pasta.



Of all the things we learned about Tom Hiddleston in that interview, that was possibly the most shocking. Always serve your Bolognese with pasta, kids. There's no room for mavericks in this kitchen.