Walkers launches new crisps designed specifically for drinking with beer 3 years ago

Walkers launches new crisps designed specifically for drinking with beer

They promise more flavour than ever before.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a pint man in possession of a good bevvy must be in want of a packet of crisps.


And, while ready salted, cheese and onion or salt and vinegar all do the trick when you’re feeling peckish down the pub - sometimes you can’t help but think you’d like something a bit stronger. You know, a doner kebab and chilli sauce-style assault on your taste buds, but in potato form.

McCoys are probably the closest you get to that at the moment - but now Walkers are attempting to get in on the action. They are releasing a new ‘Max Strong’ range that's targeted specifically at beer drinkers.

The three flavours are chilli and lime (the weakest of the lot), hot chicken wings (that have a bit of a kick), and extra hot jalapeno and cheese (you probably don’t need to guess how spicy these are).

Rachel Holms, senior marketing director at PepsiCo, the owner of Walkers, said: "We saw this as an untapped opportunity in the market and have created Walkers Max Strong to answer this demand for a perfect snack to accompany a pint.

"It is no surprise that beer and snacks can play a role when it comes to social sharing, with over fifteen million weekly beer occasions taking place in the UK, with crisps being well-placed given existing consumption moments."


The crisps will be available in normal-sized packs (50g) for 80p and 150g share bags for £1.99. A bargain.

They'll see you at the pub.