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04th Oct 2018

This slow-cooked fry up will revolutionise the way you think about breakfast

Genius has never tasted so good

Rich Cooper

There is no question that the Full English Breakfast is the King of Meals.

The Prince of Meals is the roast dinner. The Duke of Meals is a curry. The Viscount of Meals is fish and chips. The Baron of Meals is a Greggs Steak Bake. For further information on the official royal ranking of foods, please give me a book deal.

The Full English Breakfast has been honed and shaped over many, many years, but like all great art forms, it’s open to interpretation. Sometimes for better – adding fried halloumi; sometimes for worse – serving a breakfast on a shovel.

An unusual twist on the classic recently went viral: making a Full English in a slow cooker.

Sonia Cheetham

According to the BBC, Sonia Cheetham, 36 from Norfolk, came up with the idea when trying to save time cooking for her daughters on the weekend. The idea made its way to Facebook, where it was shared thousands of times on slow cooker ideas groups and beyond.

As you can see from the above image, the beans, mushrooms and tinned tomatoes are placed into mugs, while the sausages and bacon are stacked around the side of the cooker. Separation is key, otherwise you’ll just end up with a kind of meaty stew, which would no doubt be delicious, but not a Full English.

Simply pop on the cooker, wait for several hours, and hey presto – you have something that certainly looks like a Full English, but does it really work?

Leave it to YouTube channel My Virgin Kitchen, who put the idea to the test, with apparently delicious results.

Is this the future of the Full English Breakfast? It seems unlikely. The Full English isn’t something you plan for. It’s a craving, a need. It’s springs up on you like a tiger from a swamp, ravenous and groggy.

If you have the foresight to anticipate the want of a Full English, then this may be the answer to your prayers. Oh, to be like you. For the rest of us, the tiger still lurks, and a slow cooker will not spare us.


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