This massive 'Ultimate Breakfast Box' is exactly what your hangover needs right now 4 years ago

This massive 'Ultimate Breakfast Box' is exactly what your hangover needs right now

There's nothing that soothes a hungover soul quite like a fry-up.

Sausages, bacon, beans, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, with a side of tea and toast - perfection. You don't need to be hungover to appreciate it, but if you've had a few beers the night before, it's most certainly a welcome sight in the morning.


But what if you need something more? Something bigger? Something... ultimate?

Then get a load of this.


Photo: Kats Cabin

This, friends, is the Ultimate Breakfast Box from Kats Cabin in Walsall, just north of Birmingham. This is a monster portion, with six sausages, four fried eggs, four black puddings, six rashers of bacon, four hash browns, a shitload of toast and fried bread, accompanied with two tubs a piece of beans, tomatoes and mushrooms.

Mercy. Mercy, mercy me.

The massive breakfast bonanza (yes, that is a pizza box that it's served in) costs £15, with free delivery within a mile radius of the cafe, so lucky you if you live locally!


According to the owners, no one has managed to eat the entire thing in one go - hardly surprising when you know that the box contains over 4,000 calories.

But... look at it. All that deliciousness. Who wouldn't want to have a crack at demolishing that thing?

Dear Kats Cafe: please expand your delivery radius to incorporate the whole of the UK. Many thanks.