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16th Jun 2018

This café does a 65 item full English breakfast challenge – and no one has beaten it so far

Wil Jones


A full English breakfast is one of life’s noblest pleasure. It’s a Saturday or Sunday morning, you were out far too late, far later than you planned, and you may have consumed some alcohol. But you rouse yourself, and stumble like something out of a George Romero movie, to the local greasy spoon café, and indulge in beans, sausges, bacon, eggs, toast, and maybe a cheeky hash brown or two. Arteries be damned.

Anyway, remember Man Vs Food? The Shepherd’s Place Farm Café in Doncaster definitely does. They are now offering the ultimate fried breakfast.

Named ‘The Terminator 2’ – after the Arnie classic of the same name, it costs £15 and comes with eight servings of every traditional fry up element.

The previous ‘Terminator’ breakfast served by the café only had four of each item, but too many people were finishing it so they had to up the ante.

As reported by The Mirror, the farm’s owner Ted Phillips explained: “Some of them were doing it easily, so we created the Terminator 2.”

So far, no one has been able to finish The Terminator 2. Though if anyone does, they’ll go on the café’s wall of fame.