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25th Feb 2017

There’s a great reason to have an extra large coffee every morning


Katie Mythen-Lynch

Most of us can barely consider leaving the house without a cup of sweet, sweet coffee first thing, but researchers have found another very good reason for enjoying a large cup of Joe in the morning.

Apparently that AM caffeine hit improves your reaction times, making it easier to make simple decisions, particularly in older people.

As part of a University of Bath study, older adults who had not consumed any caffeine for more than a week were given caffeine tablets equal to two cups of coffee or a placebo on alternate days.

Afterwards they were asked to carry out attention and reaction tests, with all participants scoring better after consuming caffeine.

However, study author Dr Kanchan Sharma says consuming too much caffeine on a regular basis will negate its effects as the body becomes accustomed to the caffeine.

He says the trick to making it work for you when you need it is to stick to decaf on a day-to-day basis and switch to caffeinated coffee whenever you need a boost.

Scientists hope the study will help them move closer to finding a cure for dementia. In the meantime, we’ll be having that coffee before picking our outfit for the day.

Main image: New Girl/Fox