The UK's strongest gin is here and it is *seriously* strong 3 years ago

The UK's strongest gin is here and it is *seriously* strong

There's nothing like a cold, crisp, refreshing gin and tonic.

Sometimes nothing else hits the spot in quite the same way. But what if - and forgive us for saying this, gin gods - you're tired of the regular old gin and tonic? What if you want to take it to the next level?


That's where Strane comes in. Swedish distillery Smögen has produced a gin with a whopping 76% ABV - that's about 38.5% more than you'd expect to find in a regular gin.

The gin is described so: "Made with the same botanical selection as their classic strength expression, including basil, garden mint, sage, lime rind, lemon flesh and more, though obviously with a much higher ABV.

"Ought to stand out in a cocktail, though make you sure dilute it well!"

It doesn't come cheap, though. On Masters of Malt a 50cl bottle will set you back £58 (it's currently sold out, if that takes the sting off the price). So while you might not be able to have your mind and/or tastebuds blown by this extraordinary tipple at Christmas, who knows what the New Year will bring?

A hangover, if Strane has anything to say about it.