QUIZ: Can you name which country these beers are from? 1 year ago

QUIZ: Can you name which country these beers are from?

Are you a true beer expert?

It's very trendy to be a beer expert these days, and talk about some mircobrewery you've just bought shares in or some brew pub that has opened up in a gentrified part of town.


But this isn't about that. This a straight-up beer quiz that both beer nerds and someone who just likes a pint with the footy can tackle. A quiz for people who are happy to drink whatever they have on offer at the supermarket, and also for guys with beards who wear t-shirts that say 'Afraid you might taste something Lagerboy?'

We are going to give you 15 popular beers, and you just have to tell us what country they are from. Just to be clear, the answer is the country where the beer was originally devised, not where it is brewed today.

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Can you guess the beer from its can?

Can you guess the drink from its can?


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