American politician ridiculed for eating snack of Oreos wrapped in bacon 1 year ago

American politician ridiculed for eating snack of Oreos wrapped in bacon

"Well, this is upsetting..."

An American politician has caused a stir on social media after posting a picture of an extremely unusual snack she was eating - Oreos wrapped in bacon.


Kelly Fenton is a member of the Republican Party, and a former member of the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Late Saturday evening, Fenton posted a picture of the bizarre snack she was enjoying.

While it's common to pair bacon with certain sweet foods such as maple syrup and pancakes, actually wrapping them around Oreos is... well, let's just say it's a bold move.

"Smoked bacon wrapped Oreos on the Traeger do not disappoint!" said Fenton.


Unfortunately for Fenton, her Oreos wrapped in bacon did disappoint a large number of people.

One Twitter user commented: "Why are y'all always finding new ways to F up some @Oreo cookies. Leave them alone please."

Another said: "I'm sickened, but curious."

Fenton's evening snack also prompted one social media user to reconsider their entire dietary outlook.

Twitter user Stark_ravenclaw said: "I think I became vegan again looking at this."


Not everyone was sickened by Fenton's choice of snack, though.

Twitter user Coolfalsename said "Is there anything that can't be improved by wrapping it in smoked bacon?"


On this evidence, probably Oreo cookies.

It must be a Minnesota thing, though. Tony Jurgens, a sitting member of the Minnesota House of Representatives and a fellow member of the Republican Party simply replied: "Game changer."


According to polling data from Realclearpolitics, Democrat Joe Biden is the favourite to win Minnesota in the upcoming presidential election.

Minnesota was also where President Donald Trump made controversial remarks surrounding the shooting of a journalist by police.

Back in May, MSNBC journalist Ali Velshi was covering a protest in Minneapolis when he was struck in the knee by a rubber bullet. At a rally held last month in Minnesota, Trump said Velshi's injury was "a beautiful thing"; merely an example of "law and order".