Thousands of people were hospitalised last year due to 'pizza related injuries' 3 years ago

Thousands of people were hospitalised last year due to 'pizza related injuries'

Can we get health insurance as a topping?

Pizza is great, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong and not to be trusted/invited to our pizza parties.


The fact that it is just bread, tomato, cheese and whatever you want on top (except for pineapple, because that is an evil pizza topping and those who want it are also not invited to our pizza parties) doesn't take away from the fact that it is amazing and remains at the top of our own personal food pyramid.

That being said, it turns out pizza is more dangerous than we realised.

While we don't have the global statistics (or even the British statistics), the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission did release some facts and figures for National Cheese Pizza Day - which took place in the States a few days ago - and announced that over 2,300 people were hospitalised in 2017 alone due to pizza related injuries.


Those injuries include but are not limited to cuts from cutting pizza, burns from eating hot pizza, also burns from cooking pizza, falls while carrying pizza, falls while in pizza shops, and falling out of bed trying to reach for pizza.

We didn't think we needed to hammer this point home, but please be safe while eating your pizza, or you too could end up in the ER.

Also, even more important than your own personal safety, never EVER put pineapple on your pizza. It just doesn't belong there.