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12th Apr 2018

Next week you will be able to get a free Gin and Tonic from a vending machine

Free booze, guys. Free booze

Reuben Pinder

LoneWolf are back and they’re giving away free booze

If there’s one thing the British public can’t say no to, one thing that unites us, it’s free booze. Scientific (anecdotal) evidence shows it’s physically impossible to turn down a free drink. That would explain the success of the LoneWolf vending machines launched in London earlier this year, when people were lining up to grab a free gin & tonic.

Now, they are spreading their generosity to the north. The craft gin brand, backed by BrewDog are launching another free G&T vending machine, this time in Manchester on the streets of Spinningfields.

The hidden vending machine can be spotted at the Barton Arcade (48 Barton Square, M3 2BH) and will be dispensing cans of LoneWolf’s signature gin and tonic on the 16th and 17th April. Adults can get their free can by tweeting or tagging @LoneWolfSpirits in an image of the hidden gin and tonic dispenser on Instagram or Twitter when presented at the LoneWolf vending machine.

LoneWolf’s latest venture is a nod to the history of gin’s prohibition in the 1800’s, which led to the invention of covert vending machines. Bars in cities across the UK would create hidden slots that would dispense shots of gin to those in need of a sneaky dram.

Doug Bairner, Managing Director of LoneWolf commented:

“Gin distillation is something that runs through the veins of the UK’s cultural history and after the huge success of unleashing our LoneWolf Gin and Tonic cans onto the streets of London, we can’t wait to take over another city. This vending machine installation gives us the ideal opportunity to add innovation and the cunning wisdom of the past to the iconic and rich tapestry of Manchester.”

“It took 192 unique distillations to perfect LoneWolf Gin, and our new gin and tonic cans are the latest manifestation of our dedication to delivering the perfect serve every time. Packing a punch at 8.8% ABV, these cans are the perfect ratio of our gin and bespoke tonic, which you can enjoy wherever you are.”

Make sure you don’t miss out.