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21st Apr 2016

McDonald’s Monopoly has hit a snag and people are not happy at all

Terrible, terrible news.

Carl Anka

McDonald’s Monopoly has been a strange one this year.

There’s been a furore over people not given prizes, those confusing adverts and now, there’s a fuss over the lack of chances you have to win.


The McDonalds adverts are presented by Gemita Samarra, a talented stuntwoman who’s appeared in Game of Thrones. So now you know.

People have been flooding the McDonald’s social media accounts to report their frustration over a lack of Monopoly stickers with their meals.

With the competition ending this month, it appears McDonald’s has sold out of the competition materials, with many customers left wanting.

This gentleman posted his frustration over the lack of prizes after he travelled TWENTY MILES for a participating McDonald’s.


Talking to the Daily Mirror about the sticker crisis, a McDonald’s spokesperson said,

“More people than ever before have taken part in this year’s Monopoly promotion, and we’re on track to give away more prizes than ever – so far more than 7 million prizes have been won.”

“Unfortunately this unprecedented popularity has led to some stores selling out of promotional packaging before the promotion ends next Tuesday.”

“We apologise for any disappointment caused and look forward to bringing Monopoly back to our customers next year.”

So it’s red faces all round for McDonald’s on this one.

Still, if they make those all-you-can-eat fries and mega Big Macs worldwide a bit early, we’re sure fast food lovers will forgive them.


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