McDonald's is giving out free cheeseburgers for all of this week 3 years ago

McDonald's is giving out free cheeseburgers for all of this week

The news the British public have been waiting for

Maccies have announced that they are giving away free cheeseburgers this week to anybody who downloads their app (available on both Google Play and the Apple App store) and visits their nearest McDonald's.


The freebie was made available at 10.30am on Monday, 21 January and will be available until Friday 25 January. It is available to redeem at McDonald's branches up and down Britain.

In order to get your hands on the burger, you will need to sign up for an account by giving them your email address and your name. All you need to do then is to go onto the "my deals" and add a free cheeseburger to your virtual basket.

Once you've confirmed your order and checked out, you will be able to pick up your free burger from your nearest store very soon afterwards.


My McDonald’s App recognises when you get within 100 metres of your nearest McDonald’s and sends your order to the kitchen so you can pick it up after you arrive. Only one cheeseburger is allowed per customer, redeemable only via orders placed on the app.

A cheeseburger usually costs 99p and is made up of a 100 per cent beef patty with cheese, onions, pickles, mustard and tomato ketchup in a bun.