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28th Feb 2017

This man’s choice of pizza topping is absolutely revolting


Cathy Donohue

This is just wrong.

You might remember the banana and mayonnaise sandwich flavour which made us all a little nauseous but things have escalated to another level entirely now with the introduction of pea and mayonnaise pizza.

Yep, that is correct.

The very idea of it is so DISGUSTING that it’s getting attention on food forums but Twitter user Air-ic is standing by his choice, even posting a photo of aforementioned pizza on Twitter.

The caption for said photo has to be a joke with Air-ic writing “peas and mayonnaise pizza?! Yes please”.

Needless to say, people have major issues with this choice with many replying to the tweet, raising questions about his decision.

One described it as worse than pineapple on pizza and we all know how off-putting that particular choice is.

Another told him to put it in the bin and someone else wished he could delete the tweet for him.

Having read about this topic choice, we have one instant thought.

Clip via – nathanjayy