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26th May 2018

Man can’t believe the state of a ‘full English’ he got served on holiday

James Dawson

Look at this…

Let’s not beat around the bush here, a full English is good. It’s really good food. Superb. In fact, the next time someone slams British cuisine direct them thataway because it’s inarguably decent.

But, that said, there’s no denying it can be done badly. Undercooked bacon and sausage. Soggy toast. Small portions. Some of the places serving it make a real clusterfuck of it.

Take a full English breakfast served to a man in Cyrus that he then went ahead and posted on social media. It arrived on a wooden board and let’s be honest it does look particularly awful.

Reddit user spicerldn explained: “This is from a friend of mine on holiday, who is half Cypriot, he’s not amused…”

One user commented: “There is so much wrong here” while another posted “What in the hell is this abomination??”

Another added: “That’s more like a Fool English Breakfast.”

But not everyone was on the bloke’s side, in fact, a few people questioned why he ordered it at all.

One person posted: “Who the fuck goes to Cyprus and orders a full English? You should have got a proper Cypriot breakfast.”

Another said: “I’d be ashamed that i’d ordered a FEB anywhere outside the UK.”