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21st Aug 2017

Lidl’s Bank Holiday Prosecco offer is absolutely sensational

That's your Bank Holiday boozing sorted

Rich Cooper

The August Bank Holiday is upon us.

One last stab at summer. One last chance to fire up the barbecue in spite of the threateningly grey clouds hovering above. Once last chance to dance, Britain.

You need a few things for a successful Bank Holiday. First: you need the day off, and commiserations if you don’t. Second: you need something to do.

Perhaps that something can be ‘nothing’, and that’s a very agreeable way to spend a Bank Holiday. Perhaps you’d like something more social, like inviting your pals round. Your pals would appreciate that; it’s better than staring into the void and wondering what it all means.

Third: you need something to drink, and boy oh boy, Lidl have got exactly what you’re looking for. The super-cheap supermarket has an absolute corker of a deal on Prosecco: six bottles for just £20.

That works out at a little over £3.30 per bottle. For a bottle of Prosecco! This is madness. Glorious madness.

And it’s not some fizzy swill either: Lidl’s Allini Prosecco gets a rating of 85/100 from Lidl customers. That’s nothing to sniff at. Don’t be sniffing at Prosecco anyway. It’ll make your nose tingle.

This is a special weekend deal, so you’d better get your skates on if you want to take advantage of what is very possibly the bargain of the century.