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17th Apr 2018

Gordon Ramsay destroyed on social media after ‘hypocritical’ vegan tweet

The man who once claimed he was 'allergic' to vegans

Kyle Picknell

Dramatic music: he’s going vegan.

Hello. Gordon Ramsay is doing a thing where he is forgetting about all his past mockery of vegans and veganism and is suddenly going to “give it a try”, according to a tweet yesterday of a very clearly cheese-less, meat-less pizza.

What is he up to, I wonder? What’s his endgame here? Has he simply had a change of heart and is desperately trying to claw back some of the people he offended, including PETA themselves, after he said “I’m a member of PETA! People eating tasty animals” and then a fuckload of ellipses after being affronted by a simple vegan lasagne someone had cooked at home.

PETA wasted no time in responding to the notoriously shouty Scotsman, assuring him that he too would one day be a convert.

“While you’re spending time mocking the future #vegan we’re betting you one day become, most chefs are exploring healthy, animal- & environment-friendly #PlantBased dishes” they said.

Ramsay doubled down, citing an allergy to vegans.

So have the tables finally turned on old Gordo?

Well, no. Not really. The answer as always, as the sky fills with storm clouds and the faint sound of thunder can be heard rumbling in the distance, is money. It’s always money. He wants your money. He wants to pick up all the friendly vegans out there by the ankles and shake them until their pockets empty. Realising that absolutely nobody has any cash on them anymore, he will then just take their debit cards. That’s all this is folks.

Look at his follow up tweet, only a few hours ago:

One of the new pizzas at his latest establishment is the charred aubergine offering you saw in the original picture, containing only josper charred aubergine, toasted pine nuts, wild garlic pesto and tomato.

You can judge the menu, which does include some meat offerings so you can actually calm down now, here.

Unsurprisingly, vegans everywhere are ecstatic to see a previous enemy make the change and introduce a vegan dish to his menu for the first time. Also unsurprisingly, his hypocrisy hasn’t gone completely unnoticed.

Let’s be honest, he’s far too rich to care.