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10th Jan 2018

The first white Cadbury Creme Egg has been found

James Dawson

So they do exist.

The first white Cadbury Creme Egg has been found by a nursery manager from Luton.

She has won herself £1000, but the hunt continues for hundreds more around the country.

Natasha Bream, 30, revealed that she discovered the prized confectionary item on her lunch break at a Tesco Express in her home town.

After she then rang the helpline number on the inside of the wrapper, she was informed it was one of the 34 eggs worth a grand.

She told The Sun Online: “I was a bit shocked. I couldn’t quite believe it.

“I’d been talking to my assistant [about the hunt] before going to the shops.

“I didn’t think it would happen to me.”

Given that the UK is strict on product labelling, there could be an easy way to tell if you’ve picked a winning egg before you buy it.

There are believed to be around 350 eggs out there, with 34 worth £1,000 and the rest worth £100.

The Mirror has reported that where the normal eggs have ingredients on them that read ‘Milk Chocolate’ it’s likely that the white chocolate egg will read ‘White Chocolate’ instead.

Sadly for us, Natasha didn’t reveal what was written on the ingredients of hers.