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14th Jan 2017

Everyone’s grossed out by Weetabix’s latest gross invention

Why would anyone try this abomination?

Megan Roantree

Would you eat it?

Call me narrowminded, but cereal belongs with milk. Sometimes berries, or nuts but that’s about it.

It seems that cereal companies are trying to excite their consumers with new inventive ways to eat breakfast with their products.

Last month, Kellogg’s tried to make avocado brunch with corn flakes happen and people we’re not having it.

As if we weren’t horrified enough by this, Weetabix are now suggesting their own brunch using their product.

Weetabix boxes are now featuring a questionable Eggs Benedict. Instead of toast or bread under the eggs, the recipe suggests using Weetabix.

Ham, eggs and hollandaise should never be placed near Weetabix in our opinion and many people agree.

Radio presenter Jamie East gave it a go so you can see below what it looks like.

We’ll stick to milk, thanks.