Buckfast drinkers were the victims of an unspeakable hoax 4 years ago

Buckfast drinkers were the victims of an unspeakable hoax

Good news for anyone that loves Buckfast.

Given the fact that plenty of people are rightfully calling out fake news, we feel that it's our duty to dispel some malicious rumours that have been circulating about Buckfast.


Ah, Buckfast. Nectar of the gods for some, rocket fuel that leads to a wicked hangover for others.

If you think that the drink isn't that popular, think again. Figures available through the Charity Commission have revealed that the Buckfast Abbey Trust took in £8.8 million for the financial year 2014-2015. £7.3 million of this income is made up of “trading to raise funds,” namely selling the Abbey's tonic wine.

In fact, we've even seen Buckfast Easter eggs, Christmas hampers and a new range of beers.


All things considered, the public loves their bottle of Bucky which is why some people on social media were concerned with this recent revelation.

It appears that a nefarious individual was spreading lies on Twitter by saying that the amount of alcohol in each bottle would be cut from 15% to just 7%.

Surely this person needs to be caught, arrested and fired into the sun via the world's most uncomfortable rocket?

Anyways, this Twitter account doesn't actually exist but some people thought that it was real.


For once, 'the Buckfast fear' had nothing to do with an actual hangover.


After visiting the official Buckfast website and being redirected to their Twitter account, we can confirm that there will be no changes to the drink.

Here's the official company line.


As always, if you're having a drink, please be responsible.