Brits confused as Burger King launches 'chip butty' burger in Japan 3 months ago

Brits confused as Burger King launches 'chip butty' burger in Japan

Sorry guys, but that's just a chip butty

Burger King Japan has launched a fancy new burger that looks like something rather out of the ordinary. The 'Fake Burger' appears to take the radical step of removing the 'burger' from the burger, and instead replacing it with some chips between the bun.

And if you are British, you are probably just thinking: "Wait, isn't that just a chip butty?"

As you might expect, social media is full of confused British people pointing out that, yes, Burger King Japan is trying to claim they have invented the chip butty.

"We in the UK have been doing this for a long time now it's called a 'CHIP BUTTY'" said one user on Twitter.

"Burger King Japan has discovered the chip butty," added another.

"This is the most British thing I've seen in Japan," said a third user

The Fake Burger also has "meat sauce" poured lovingly on the chips as well. According to blog Sorranews 24, the sauce "contains a mixture of mayonnaise and 100-percent beef mince".

They also confirmed that the chip butty meal also comes with chips, just in case you don't get enough carbs.

Sorranews 24's reviewer said "the soft, chewy texture... was kind of like eating a croquette burger…only better,"  and gave the Fake Burger" two big, big thumbs up."

It cost 290 yen (£2.13) on its own, or 590 yen (£4.33) for a meal. It is only available until November 5th.

Hopefully, Burger King Japan will do a Wigan Kebab burger next.