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13th Feb 2018

Biscoff ice cream is a thing that exists and the internet is going wild for it

Kyle Picknell

This needs to come to the UK ASAP.

Good things come to those who wait. We have waited, and waited some more, and finally, we have been rewarded.

Well… almost.

Biscoff ice cream is a thing that very much exists. The famous caramelised biscuit brand announced in April last year that an ice cream range is now available, and what a range it is.

There’s soft scoop.

There’s cones.

There’s these crunchy looking Magnum things that are making my heart soar.

The bad news, and it is bad news, is that the ice cream variations aren’t yet available in the UK. If you did fancy a short trip into continental Europe, say Belgium, however, you’d be able to get your hands and spoons on what promises to be a serious taste sensation.

In the meantime, you can still get the famous spread from Amazon for a tenner and just eat the entire jar of that until you feel sick I guess?

Yeah, that sounds good to me.