A big change is coming to Nestlé's Milkybar chocolate 4 years ago

A big change is coming to Nestlé's Milkybar chocolate

Look out for the new version.

Nestlé has announced a significant change to their Milkybar chocolate, and for the better.


They have changed the recipe so that the amount of sugar per serving has been reduced from 8.3g to 7.6g. The reduction of sugar will be balanced with an increased amount of milk - making milk the primary ingredient.

It will now have 37.5 percent of milk, an increase from 26 percent.

The new packaging will read: "Milk is now our No 1 ingredient".

According to The Mirror, Fiona Kendrick, chairwoman and chief executive of Nestle UK and Ireland, has said:

"We want to make our products the best they can be for our consumers. We'll take every opportunity to innovate and reformulate to improve our products but this can never be to the detriment of taste.

We have used our strength in research and innovation to develop a great recipe that replaces some sugar with more of the existing, natural ingredient that people know and love. We have added more milk to the recipe, which has been at the heart of Milkybar ever since it was launched in 1936."