Avoiding meat? McDonald's is trialling a vegan burger 4 years ago

Avoiding meat? McDonald's is trialling a vegan burger

Eating out or even just getting a hangover takeaway isn't always easy for veggies and vegans.

Between trying to find something decent on the menu to fielding all sorts of questions about your dietary choices ("What about smokey bacon crisps?"), sometimes you'd under if its worth it at all.


Thankfully, help is at hand - more and more restaurants are upping their game and now McDonald's is now striving to ensure its non-meat-eating customers don't have to settle for a portion of chips any longer.

The restaurant chain has announced that it's trialling a vegan-friendly burger.


The news means anyone who's avoiding meat can finally get a full meal at Maccy D's without having to opt for a salad. Woohoo!

The McVegan (that's what they're calling it) is a soy-based burger in a regular bun with all of the usual trimmings as well as 'vegan McFeast sauce', according to Metro.

Sadly, if you're keen on trying it you'll have to catch a flight as the burger is only being trialled in Tampere in Finland.

It'll be on sale there from this week until 21 November.


McDonald's has not confirmed any other locations for the McVegan but if its popular with the Finns, we don't see why it wouldn't be rolled out in other countries.

You'd never know; you might be able to get one here in the new year.