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20th Sep 2018

Aldi is doing foot-long pigs-in-blankets, making 2018 the best Christmas ever


So. Much. Meat.

Christmas without pigs-in-blankets just would not be Christmas. You can debate for hours about what the true meaning of Christmas is, but I think we all know that a vital part of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ is wrapping one pork product in another pork product.

Traditionally, pigs-in-blanket tend to be done with small sausages – chipolatas, or cocktail sausages. Christmas should normally be a time for tradition, but the discount supermarket are taking Xmas cuisine in strange, dangerous directions, and we approve of it.

They have now unveiled the foot-long pig-in-blanket. Yes, it is a sausage as long as an expensive Subway, wrapped completely in bacon.

And how much does this masterpiece cost? Only £3.

God bless Aldi.