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11th Oct 2016

World’s Strongest Man smashes 100m rowing world record just for the crack

The power of this man is insane...

Ben Kenyon

When you’re strong as fuck there’s pretty much nothing that you can’t do.

Lift huge things, crush watermelons over your head and open difficult jars for sweet little old ladies – the world is your oyster.

Blokes don’t come much stronger than four-time World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw. Here he is next to regular humans…

The American stands at 6ft 8in tall, weighs 195kg and has a deadlift of more than 400kg.

While his forte is obviously being insanely strong, he’s also a bit of an athlete on the sly.

Many of the WSM events – like the loaded carry or the keg toss –  require impressive stamina and explosive power, which Shaw has in spades.

So we really shouldn’t be surprised that he might be quite handy on a rowing machine – given his powerful legs, huge lats and explosive power through the hips.

What we were astonished about though was just how good the strongman was on the rower…we’re not sure he even knew himself how freakishly quick he was.

They captured his first go on film and it was lightning quick – even though Shaw barely looked like he broke sweat.

‘I’ve literally never seen it go that high’ says one bloke. ‘I thought it was going to snap’ adds another.

For anyone who dabbles on the rowers, you’ll know that anything around 1:30 mark for a 500m pace is very good. So to see Shaw hitting a pace of 1:09 is terrifying.

That’s when he really turned it on though and went and smashed a world record that he hadn’t even trained or prepared for.

The 100m world record stood at 13.3 seconds, but the US giant demolished it with a time of 1.8. What a beast…

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