Why eating more avocado will help break down belly fat 3 years ago

Why eating more avocado will help break down belly fat

When trying to shape up, your stomach can be the hardest area to trim down.

While exercise is important, the foods you consume also have a major impact.

The good news is that healthy fats (found in avocados, oily fish, sweet potato and olive oil) can have a positive effect on banishing excess tummy weight.

Nicole Granato, a specialist in women’s health, spoke to Byrdie about why she suggests adding healthy fats, and how this can help with cutting belly fat.


"Healthy fats are essential when trying to lose weight, especially in the stomach region," she said. "Your body needs protein and fats to function at its best."

This opinion is backed up by a study published in the Journal For Diabetes Care.

Researchers found that eating one source of monounsaturated fatty acids with each meal of your day assists with burning fat from your tummy. These healthy fats also help us to stay fuller for longer, and in theory this this should cut down on the consumption of quick-fix snacks.

Pile that avo onto your toast so!