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16th Dec 2015

This is how much exercise you need to do to burn of a McDonald’s Big Mac and fries (Video)

Ben Kenyon

There’s nothing quite like smashing a Big Mac from McDonald’s when you’re absolutely ravenous.

There are times when grilled chicken and salad just won’t do.

But like any junk food, the moment you’ve wolfed it down is when the food guilt strikes.

However, nailing a burger and fries might not be as bad for you as previously thought…if you’re doing exercise.

First came the research that McDonald’s could be just as good as any nutritional supplement after a heavy workout.

Now researchers have found just how much exercise you need to do to burn off the calories from eating things like Big Macs, fries, Cadbury’s chocolate and pizza.

And it’s not as much as you might think.

mcdonald ronald

A standard Big Mac has 490 calories – which is 20% of a man’s recommended daily amount of 2,500 calories.

It would take 42 minutes of cardio or 57 minutes of weightlifting to burn off, according to the research published in the Independent (sadly it’s longer for women at 51 and 68 minutes respectively).

If you scoffed a large portion of McDonald’s fries would need to do 40 minutes of cardio or 53 minutes of weightlifting to shift the 460 calories.

But a Cadbury’s Dairy Milk would only require 21 minutes of lung-busting cardio or 28 minutes of weights to burn the 237 calories in a 45g bar.

Just make sure you’re not eating them all at once, or you’re going to need a full day at the gym…

Clip via Buddy Loans