This is how long marijuana, cocaine and alcohol remain in your system 5 years ago

This is how long marijuana, cocaine and alcohol remain in your system

In case anyone needed to know.

We all know that certain drugs are illegal in this country. But we also all know that despite that illegal status, there are people who take them on a regular basis.


We've all woken up one morning after a night of heavy drinking (or maybe more for some other people) and felt like we were still a little intoxicated.

At that stage, you begin to wonder how long does this shit actually stay in my system?

With that in mind and with no judgement whatsoever, the video below might be of interest, as the folks at Business Insider illustrate just how long it takes for well-known drugs, including alcohol, to exit a person’s system and how long they remain in a person's blood, urine and hair.

It's important stuff to know if you are ever going to try any of them out.

The biggest takeaway is that your hair can give away what you've been up to three months after you've taken it, with your blood and urine holding onto different drugs for varying amounts of time.


Clip via BI Science

The data used was compiled from three different sources, including, with the findings obviously being dependent on an individual’s height, weight, health conditions and their usage of the drug in question.

Interesting stuff.

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