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24th Apr 2016

This fake high-fiving kid is the cheekiest London Marathon supporter

Funny or bratty?

Declan Cashin

Today is the London Marathon, and all day there have been effusive expressions of support and admiration for the hardy souls taking part.

One young observer, however, decided to have some fun with the runners. As you can see in Sam Swann’s video below, he offered his hand for a high five, but then left the Marathoners hanging when they reached over to touch hands.

It’s fairly typical young lad behaviour that has inspired two basic responses:


Meanwhile, Jemima Sumgong won the women’s race, after recovering from a tumble earlier in the race

…while Eliud Kipchoge retained the men’s marathon title.

Elsewhere – really elsewhere – astronaut Tim Peake ran the marathon IN SPACE.

To all you took part today, fair play. Go and pamper yourself immediately.