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10th May 2018

Stag dos are good for your health, science says

You can't argue with the evidence

Alex Roberts

Stag weekends are good for your health – and now it’s backed up by science

Getting the go-ahead for a weekend away with your mates can be difficult. Knowing that you’ll be drinking, playing pranks on each other and putting yourself in harm’s way never goes down well with your loved ones.

At first, stag dos may not seem like the healthiest lifestyle choice – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There is now strong scientific research in favour of having fun with your friends.

Party specialists have thankfully pieced together all the research to finally prove those precious ‘lads only’ weekends aren’t just an excuse for a great time, but potentially beneficial for the nation’s health.

There are four main reasons why a stag weekend is good for you:

  • Time spent with friends is even more beneficial than family time
  • A beer or two can actually lengthen your life
  • Jokes and games are great for stress relief
  • Increased mental and physical well-being

Let’s dig a little deeper into the data.

1) Stress relief

Bonding with the boys is essential in lowering your stress levels. According to a study published in the journal PNAS, it’s actually more effective than family time in negating social and environmental stressors.

2) Healthy for the heart

OK, so getting absolutely hammered every day of the week may put your health in danger – but the University of Alabama found moderate drinking can raise your body’s healthy cholesterol (HDL). This could protect your heart in the long-term.

3) Laughter is medicine

Whatever you get up to on your weekend away, one thing’s for sure – you’ll see the funny side. The benefits of a good belly laugh are well-established – including lowered stress levels, relaxed muscles, improved circulation and a boost to your immune system.

4) Physical challenges

Stag dos tend to involve a whole host of activities such as bungee jumps, high rope courses and go kart racing. These feats fend off stress while promoting teamwork and critical thinking. They also  add a competitive element and, where there’s a physical task, you can make it into a workout.

Whether you’re heading abroad for some fun in the sun or getting the best of Britain, the pros of spending time with your pals are endless.

Next time your other half tries to stop you heading away with the lads, just say it’s good for you. Science has your back.