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15th Sep 2020

This simple change to your lifting technique will give you bigger arms

Making this one minor change to the way you perform a key gym exercise can give you noticeably bigger arms in the long run

Alex Roberts

Small changes can make a big difference

Making this minor change to the way you perform a key gym exercise can give you noticeably bigger arms in the long run.

In a video posted to his Facebook page, Dr. Jim Stoppani explained how to perform the dumbbell overhead tricep extension with proper technique.

This exercise is a staple lift for most gym goers looking to build bigger arms. It’s one of the main exercises for triceps – this muscle makes up two thirds of your upper arm.

So if you’re serious about making gains in the gun department, you’ll want to listen closely to what Stoppani says.

Firstly, he outlines the big mistake most people make when performing this lift.

Cupping your hands around one end of the dumbbell may be the most popular way of performing the overhead dumbbell tricep extension, but it could be holding you back.

Then, Stoppani offers his solution. It’s all to do with your grip.

“The problem with this grip is it’s easy for the elbows to flare out to the sides,” Stoppani says.

When your elbows flare out, your shoulders come into play to assist you in lifting the weight. Remember, this is an isolation exercise where you only want to be targeting the triceps.

Instead of having your palms wrapped around one end of the dumbbell, Stoppani suggests a different grip.

“You’re going to take a neutral grip, placing both hands around one another.”

It should look something like this:

Stoppani says: “With the more neutral grip, you’ll find it’s easier to keep those elbows in as you come down and extend back up, to place more focus on those triceps.”

He recommends performing this exercise early on in your workout as you’ll be able to lift a heavier weight.

Dr. Stoppani is a Yale-educated exercise scientist who has consulted numerous celebrities in their quest for a more effective workout programme. His past clients include LL Cool J and The Rock.

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