Science shows how long the average man really lasts in bed 4 years ago

Science shows how long the average man really lasts in bed

It's probably something most blokes agonise over.

How long is 'long enough' to last during sex, before you get the messy business over and done with, roll over and light a smoke?

Am I took quick? Is she getting bored already? What's a man to do?

Certainly if you're thinking that lasting two or three hours is the standard, then you've probably been watching too many porn films my friend.

A study has looked at the actual amount of time that men are lasting during sex - and it's over a hell of a lot quicker than that.

It was posted on Reddit by a guy called Randal Olson which he stumbled upon in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (hey, who are we to criticise people's bedtime reading?).

It threw up some interesting results.

Olson says the study was actually looking at premature ejaculation in men and studies males in Spain, Turkey, Netherlands, the UK and US.

Basically they got 500 heterosexual couples to track every sexual encounter for four weeks - timing from the moment it went in to the moment the man ejaculated.

The men in the study were found to overestimate how long their sex sessions lasted by 31%.

So what was the average? Olson reports the study found that the average time before (male) orgasm was six minutes.

Most of the men in the study lasted between four minutes and 11 minutes - although the range varies from a speedy six seconds to a ball-achingly lengthy 53 minutes. Anything over 21 minutes was considered out of the ordinary.

Olson visualised the results from the 500 men in this handy graphic...



Six minutes for sex. Suddenly, everything makes more sense.

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