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21st Jun 2019

QUIZ: How much of a health and fitness expert are you?

Do you know your bicep from your tricep and your arse from your elbow? Good, then it's time to try the JOE Health & Fitness Quiz

Alex Roberts

Fitness Quiz

Do you know your bicep from your tricep, your deltoid from your rhomboid and (most importantly) your arse from your elbow?

None of these are pre-requisites, but either way, you can put them to the test by taking the JOE Health and Fitness Quiz.

Immerse yourself in subjects such as anatomy, physiology, workouts and, of course, what The Rock stuffs his face with post-training. The latter probably needs its own quiz, but in the meantime, put your mettle to the test and have a stab at these questions.

Once you’ve done the quiz, take a look at the rest of our recent fitness features.

The JOE Health and Fitness Quiz

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