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06th Nov 2018

Retired NHS worker loses 32kg after taking fitness ‘DNA test’

After implementing a diet programme bespoke to his genetics and DNA, Clive Marriott lost almost 5 stone and slashed eight inches off his waist

Alex Roberts

A former NHS worker lost over 30 kilos after implementing a fitness programme bespoke to his DNA profile

57-year-old Clive Marriott decided to try the FitnessGenes Plan after two meetings had given him pause for thought.

The first meeting was with his GP who, despite giving him the all-clear from a Wellman Check, told him he had to lose weight.

The retired NHS worker weighed in at 250lbs, which was excessive for his build and age. The second meeting occurred at the gym, where an ex-professional footballer suggested he try exercising while fasted.

Marriott says, “I retired as an NHS Facilities Manager, which was a very sedentary occupation – but I was determined to get fitter.

“Despite a daily visit to the gym, I didn’t seem to be toning up or shifting the weight.”

Marriott’s head was turned by his discussion with the footballer.

“I was intrigued by what the footballer had said about food intake and started to do some internet research about nutrition and its effect on fitness.

“It was then that I came across FitnessGenes. It seemed totally different to anything else I’d come across, especially the DNA connection, tailoring things entirely to me personally.”

Clive contacted FitnessGenes and was instructed to complete a DNA test, which took around a month to process.

The test had a number of functions:

  • It established exactly how and why certain genes were affecting Clive’s metabolism
  • Then used the information to create a tailored programme suited to Clive’s precise DNA.

The test was the easy part – implementing its feedback into a consistent plan was the hard part.

Marriott contacted Dr. Dan Reardon, Co-Founder of FitnessGenes, to go through his results and learn how his body processes nutrition and responds to exercise.

Using Marriott’s results, Dr. Reardon covered specific details such as when he should eat during the day and exactly what food or drink was likely to have a positive or negative impact on his body.

He was advised to keep up a practice of training for one hour each day, but Dr. Reardon gave him a new regime which means that no day is ever the same.

Some of the changes Dr. Reardon recommended included:

  • Tracking macronutrients and food portions
  • Sustaining a more varied training programme, alternating exercises on different days instead of following a rigid routine

Marriott elaborated on this:

“Coffee has a direct effect on my personal metabolism, so I cut down from eight to ten cups to just one or two per day, which has transformed my sleep quality.

“Easily the most surprising thing I learned was the amount of fat content my body needs – I don’t indulge in high fat foods, but I need a certain level of fat for my body to work at its best.

“My DNA analysis also shows that I need to manage my food intake evenly throughout the day, so I have got into the habit of breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner – it works really well and is very easy.”

Marriott’s transformation has fascinated everyone around him. Fellow members of his gym regularly ask for advice on the changes he made. Meetings with the doctor are also no longer a cause for concern.

“The GP can’t believe the transformation in just six months – in fact, she was almost speechless!

“My blood pressure and cholesterol measurements are completely healthy, and I’ve downsized from 250lbs to 180lbs. My waist has gone from 38” to 30” and I feel great. I fit into clothes I never thought I would again and have to say, haven’t looked this good for years!”

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