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03rd Jul 2019

NFL player makes box jumps with 50 pound dumbbells look easy

Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett posted a series of impressive gym lifts on Instagram, including box jumps with 50 pound (22 kg) dumbbells

Alex Roberts

Bigger guys aren’t going to be the most agile, right?

You’d be forgiven for thinking this – but if these box jumps are anything to go by, you might need to reconsider.

NFL star Myles Garrett, who plays at defensive end for Cleveland Browns, took to Instagram to share footage of his strength and conditioning programme.

It’s fair to say he makes some of the traditional football exercises look easy, even performing them with additional weight.

The bodyweight box jump is a foundation exercise for most NFL players, but that’s without adding extra dumbbells or weight plates. By leaping up onto the box repeatedly with 40 and 50 pound dumbbells, Garett proved his athleticism is up there with the best.

You’d typically associate speed, agility and this kind of explosive power with more dynamic players, such as those playing in the wide receiver position.

How to perform box jumps

Box jumps are a hugely versatile exercise. They can be used to build muscle, improve overall athleticism and explosiveness and included into a circuit for metabolic conditioning.

  • Start with the smaller boxes if you’re a beginner. 50 centimetre ones are usually the shortest around
  • Stand in front of the box with your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Begin to squat down, as if performing a bodyweight squat
  • Use your arms to swing and create leverage
  • Explode up and drive your arms forward
  • Land on the box in the half-squat position, with both feet firmly planted on the floor and knees slightly bent

Garrett didn’t stop there with the box jumps. If anything, they were just a warm up.

He then went on to squat a whopping 675 pounds (305 kg), calling out fellow Browns teammate Larry Ogunjobi in the process.

Garrett’s gym session then finished with the three-point barbell leg raise, a relatively rare exercise that works the abdominal muscles from all angles. The bar was loaded with 60kg – this demands strong shoulders and core stability in order to work the abs effectively and avoid injury.

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