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14th Mar 2016

VIDEO: Man attempts world’s highest rope swing, succeeds

Jordan Gold

The world’s highest rope swing record has officially been smashed.

Matthew Karsten (Matt to his mates) is a full-time adventurer, travel blogger, and photographer who has been exploring the world for the past five years.

Yeah, yeah, we know, we didn’t think it was still a real job either.

A self-titled “vagabond”, Matt believes that travel should’t have to be expensive. All you need, or so he says on his site, is a sense of adventure. His latest trick? Hurling himself off the roof of Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban to complete the world’s longest rope swing.

You can connect with Matt on FacebookInstagramTwitter, or Youtube where you can find more interesting adventures, including a hike through Utah’s Zion National Park, and his nomadic trips into the deepest parts of the rainforest.