Liverpool mechanic made a 4-stone body transformation with simple diet changes 3 years ago

Liverpool mechanic made a 4-stone body transformation with simple diet changes

It can be easy to pile on the pounds when you're not exercising or eating right.

But Merseyside mechanic Matty Rose showed that with just a few simple changes to your lifestyle the weight can just as easily fall off - losing more than 4-stone in 15 weeks.

The 23-year-old used to play rugby, but after a knee ligament tear forced him to quit the game he started putting weight on.

The HGV mechanic from Wirral was around 20-stone at his heaviest and admits his diet of baked goods, fry ups and takeaway foods wasn't doing him any favours.

“At the time of the injury I weighed around 17 stone, and wasn’t in great shape at all," he said. "I didn’t train anymore, and just stayed in eating and drinking rubbish, really.

“I’d be eating a full English breakfast from a greasy spoon for breakfast, pasties and sausage rolls for lunch, and a takeaway or meal out pretty much every night.

“People kept telling me I’d let myself go completely. I was embarrassed by my weight, and self-conscious of what other people thought.”


Matty was able to start being more active again after physiotherapy treatment improved his knee injury and he joined the gym.

He made a start transforming his lifestyle but after six weeks he slipped back into his old ways on holiday.

But in March he then made a vow to transform his fitness and health for good.

The first thing he changed was his diet which was given a complete overhaul.

Copy of Before

He got rid of the calorie-dense foods, heavy in fat and refined sugars that can contribute to weight gain if you're eating too much.

These were replaced with lean proteins, slow-burning carbs like sweet potato and fibre-rich vegetables to keep him full and free from hunger.

“I now understand the importance of the various food groups," he said. "My diet focuses largely on high protein lean meats, fruit, and vegetables. I enjoy healthy carbohydrate options in moderation, and drinking is strictly water.”

He also learned more about training for fat loss in the LDN Muscle Cutting Guide including cardio which is optimal for leaning up.

“I learnt that cardio was going to be my best friend for at least the first few weeks, but the guide also taught me about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), which was really great in keeping me motivated.”

Matty_5 after

In 15 weeks he has lost four stone and his physique is becoming more defined by the day.

He added: “I can’t thank the guys at LDN Muscle enough for helping me to shape my lifestyle choices for the better. This is certainly just the beginning for me.”

He is proof that a few simple changes, some structured training and consistency will bring great results, no matter where you start out.